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Welcome to the support pages on supercomputing at IFCA.

Why supercomputing at IFCA

IFCA entered the supercomputing field with the installation in 2007 of the ALTAMIRA node of the University of Cantabria within the Spanish Supercomputing Network (Red Española de Supercomputacion = RES) coordinated by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC). The node systems were installed at IFCA datacenter room, and its operation supported by IFCA team in a joint effort with ATC group. The first ALTAMIRA node system was a cluster of 256 IBM PowerPC JS20 servers, with a total of 512 cores, part of the first Mare Nostrum supercomputer installed previously at BSC. This system made into the systems in 2007, and operated succesfully within the RES until 2012.


Our supercomputing services also include support for large and high-performance data storage, advanced network support, and adaptation and optimization of parallel applications.

Altamira Supercomputing Node at University of Cantabria

The supercomputing node at the University of Cantabria is named ALTAMIRA.


See a short video here:

How to Access to Santander Supercomputing Services

Santander Supercomputing Services are available for:


Please, acknowledge the Usage Terms.

Using Santander Supercomputing Services

If you already have access granted for execution of applications, see the ALTAMIRA Userguide.